Sunday, July 8, 2012

And that was that...or so it seemed.

JULY 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Dear cast, or God, or whatever...
Today we wore every piece of Idiot paraphernalia we owned, wore it all in public where passersby stared at us, wondering why three girls who are nearly eighteen were walking around in matching outfits, but we didn't care... if you don't care. We blasted the soundtrack in the car, attempting to do the choreography while driving, and came home to make a video for Kelvin. But why did we behave so, err, idiotically? Today marked the closing of the FIRST NATIONAL TOUR OF AMERICAN IDIOT!!!! This show has meant a lot to us, and we wanted to thank you for being a part of it and bringing it back for a little while for everyone to enjoy. Here, we thank you in three parts- one from Blue, another from Miranda, and another from Emily. Blue's up first.

     I was pretty much born and bred a storyteller, so I guess I'll start my entry in a story-like format. Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl who loved to perform. But after being cast in very small roles for years and years (She threw her arms over her head and shouted "SHELLEY!" in Hairspray and played Juan Peron's mistress in Evita.), she didn't think she was good enough to keep going. And along came a little show called American Idiot. Now, of course, you've all figured out that the girl was me. I'd always wanted to see American Idiot, but I never thought I'd get the chance. When I did, I was absolutely ecstatic. From the minute the curtain opened, I was enchanted. The music, the emotion, the... everything. It got me back into performing, something I didn't realize I missed that much. Now, I'm back in full swing and am up for a part in a little local production of Chicago (fingers crossed!) this year. But more than get me back into performing, American Idiot led me to two of the greatest things I never knew I'd meet- my friends. Miranda and Emily understand me like no one else, and without the show, I'd never have met them and realized what else we had in common and made two really fantastic friendships that I know I can keep for a long time. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to attend the stage door after the show (I only went once, and with my dad, who had no concept of it), so I never met any of you. I really wish I could have!! But I did get the chance to say a few things to you through Twitter, and that's been pretty awesome. However, there are some of you I never got to say anything to! I'd like to take a little time to say something, if you don't mind.
Nicci, if I hadn't seen you as Extraordinary Girl, I don't think I would have been fully convinced to get back into performing. You were FABULOUS. In my dance program from this year, my mom referred to me as the Extraordinary Girl, and it was really an honor. :)
Gabe, thank you SO MUCH for tweeting my sister a hello. She thinks you're adorable.... and so do I! You are great at what you do, and I wish I'd gotten to see you as Johnny! 
Scott, um, wow. I gave you a follow Friday when I said you were my favorite, and I totally, totally meant it. When I saw you as Tunny, I was seriously stunned that someone could make an audience buy into a character that well. Thank you for being so awesome at what you do, and for telling me happy birthday, and for liking Tunnybear. :) I do really wish I'd gotten a chance to meet you... after all, you are quite handsome. Rage and Love.
That's really all I have to say. Thank you so much for a great show- the catalyst to making my life the awesome thing that's been recently. 
Rage and Love,
Blue @lovelybdream24
P.S. My birthday is February 24- I feel quite honored to have an Idiot date as a birthday!!

     As I am sitting here with Emily and Blue, I feel like I can be myself. Idiot did that to me. I found myself. I can be myself whenever I want and I don't care what anybody else thinks. We are sitting here bringing up every Idiot memory that we have laughing and crying. 
If I could ask for anything in the world, at any time, it would be to be there in San Fran seeing the one show that changed my life. Yes I have been asked multiple times how a simple broadway show can change my life. That's just because they just don't understand!
Idiot left me with some amazing memories that will always be here with me. Every time I walked into the theatre, no matter what theatre it was, It left me with this nervous/excited/anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach. During the show there would be so many feelings that went through me that I couldn't even keep track to how I was feeling at that moment. Thank you so much for making me feel like that. I want to thank each and every one of you for bringing Idiot back into my life once again. I couldn't have chosen a better cast to keep the Idiot spirit alive. Idiot has made us do some crazy things! I mean we made Matt a bear, made Kelvin a whole book, and made signs for everyone in the cast! We are almost 18 years old and we are still not too old for arts and crafts and Build-A-Bear! ;) Thank you for putting up with all of our "fangirling", all of the embarrassing messages/tweets that were sent to you, and just thank you for being you. Even though I am embarrassed with myself at some of the things that Idiot has lead me to do, I still do not regret anything. No regrets. My heart will always be filled with Rage and Love. I am going to be one of those grandmothers who tells that one story over and over again. My story will be all of the 6 times that I have seen American Idiot and how each and every one of them was a night to remember. I have my poster that I made when you guys came here in Detroit, signed by the whole cast (except Omar and Oke! :( ), hanging up in my room. I look at it every day and it makes me smile. Although I am not much of a writer, I hope you enjoy reading this and maybe makes you smile too! :) Today, the curtains closed once again and what was left on the stage was glitter, rage and lots love. <3 
Miranda (@ChanManTatumLuv)

     I can't believe it is all over. It seems like just yesterday I was crying alone in my room because Idiot closed on Broadway...I know a handful of you were there to experience that. I felt empty for months but then this tour came along. I was wary because I thought nothing would ever compare, but every single one of you proved me wrong. You brought the rage and love that I so craved back into my life. I am so, so grateful. For every drop of sweat and blood you gave, I have given a tear or a laugh. All I wanted was to be in San Francisco to share this final show with you, but I have no reason to complain since I was able to experience this show 8 times...from New York, to Detroit, and finally in Chicago. You are some of my favorite people in the world and you have brought so much happiness in my life. Through this show, you taught me how to live. I can finally be myself and have found friends from all over who can accept me for that. That was something I never had before. Although all of you brought Idiot back into my life,  there's a few memories I'd like to point out.

Kelvin, of course I love yah! You were the first to ever talk to me and you haven't stopped since. Remember when you told me to audition for the show? That will never happen!(: You are honestly so hilarious and kind. I can never tell you how happy it made me when you brought me a pick to stage door because you knew we had crap seats in the balcony. I will miss your puffy yellow coat and seeing you dressed as Eeyore, but I'll always have the memories! I hope you cherish the book we made you because even though most of it was obnoxious, we really meant the serious stuff. You are an inspiration and a true talent. Keep doing what you do and you will go far...with your fan club never far behind!! 

Matt, so sorry for making you feel so left out with all the Kelvin love, we love you all the same. I mean we walk miles through the night to Navy Pier to make you a freaking Matt DeAngebear! Hopefully the one and only RepBEARsentative of Jingletown has found a good home! We saw you in Hair last summer and I wish we would have known your awesomeness back then! Thank you SO much for the tour blogs, they seriously made my life, I just wish they would have started earlier on in the tour! You rule and so does your mom! PS - This is me and Miranda eating our feelings away with ice cream watching the final vlog! 

Van, I never saw you in NYC but you quickly became my favorite Johnny. I'm sure you saw us freaking out from the front rows all the time, but we were honestly having the time of our lives. Do you remember when we ran into you at Walgreens in Chicago and when we argued about the bean sprouts from Jimmy Johns? You told us once that your favorite crowd was the audience in Detroit and that made me so happy, because that meant our support and energy was felt by you. Thank you so much for drawing the St. Jimmy heart for me, I did get it tattooed and now I have Idiot with me wherever I go, forever.

I have so many little favorite memories with all of you, though like poking Tommy in the back with a marker, yelling, "I LOVE GABE!!!" down the couch alley, telling Jen we definitely loved her more than a hairless cat, getting yelled at by Scott for saying his full name even when I didn't (SCOTT J CAMPBELL!!), when Vince thought he couldn't swear in front of us,  seeing Jarran as Favorite Son for the first time, and group hugs from Matt and Jake. 

I just noticed that I wrote the most of the three of us and I should probably stop babbling now. I just want to thank you for all the laughs, tears, and memories I have made and to wish you luck with everything you do in the future. You are all rockstars!

My beating heart belongs to you.
Emily (@andscreaming)