Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mystery Murder Story.

Written by me in 6th of 7th grade I believe. I find it really funny. ;D
I am not going to correct anything so there may be a lot of grammer and/or spelling errors.
I think it makes it better than fixing it.


It happened on a gloomy day at 6:45am at Studio 1A Rockifeller Plaza. Matt, Ann and Al were waiting for Merridith because she was late. All of a sudden the power went out. 5 minutes later the lights came back on. Matt Lauer was laying face flat on the floor with a knife stuck in his back.

I walked into the studio. Everyone gathered around Matt. I went around them to look at the dead body laying on the floor. I examined the body.
"What happend here?" Said Jerry Dogon
"Well I was fixing up my set for the news, because there was a glare in my eye, and all of a sudden the lights went off," explained Ann.

I wrote down some notes. Asking everyne what they were doing when this happened, seemed like a good explanation. First I asked Al.
"What exactly were you doing before the lights were out?"
"I was going over the weather, and practicing it with the t.v Crew when the lights and cameras went off." Said Al
"Thank you," Said Jerry, skhaking Als hand. "That is all I need from you to figure out this mystery."

Next I went to merridith who was putting on makeup when I walked in her dressing room. "excuse me, what were you doing when Matt Lauer got murdered?"
"Oh, I came in the door late, because there was traffic out. All the lightes were out when I walked in." explained merridith.
"Well, let me ask you, were you good friends with Matt?" asked Jerry Dogon.
"Well, I was'nt really friends with matt. We act like we are friends on the news but we are not friends." exclaimed merridith.
"So, you are saying you don't like Matt?"
"Yes. I am saying that, Mr. Dogon." Said Merridith.
"Thank you for your time Mrs. Merridith."
Merridith left for her dressing room. I looked around in merridiths dressing room for clues. I opend up a drawer and inside I saw a knife box. I opened up the box and the knife was missing. I wrote down some notes. Now I had 2 suspects. Ann and merridith.

Everyone went out of the set, and let Jerry Dogon in to investigate. I found finger prints on the knife. I also found black scuff marks on the floor about 2 feet away. I took some more notes.

First, I looked at everyones shoes. Ann was the only one with black shoes on. I matched up the finger prints from the knife. The fingerprints were Ann's. I figured out who the culprit was. The culprit was Ann. Ann took the knife from merridiths dressing room while merridith was running late. The most important clue was that it was raining out. There was no glare in Anns eye. She said there was. Ann got thrown into prison for murdering Matt Lauer. Al became co anchor and merridith became head anchor. That was what happened in studio 1A Rockifeller Plaza at 6:45am to Matt Lauer.

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