Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little Favor May Make A Difference :)

Dear Idiots,

HEY! So I have a little slight favor to ask of you guys. Now you can do this or not, its up to you, but it may make you guys happy inside, and make two girls VERY happy. My friend Emily ( @andscreaming) and I are trying to plan a trip to San Francisco to see you guys again. Yes we have seen you guys twice in Detroit and twice in Chicago, but HEY! whos counting? Well as you may not know, it is difficult for two 17 year old girls to travel somewhere alone. You have problems with parents being afraid of something happening to you. It's also a problem when the parents have no desire to go. Could be for many reasons. So the adult you went to Chicago with may not be able to go. Last resort is gone. So you try and make plans with your friend Blue ( @lovelybdream24) and her trying to convince her grandma. Well my point is we REALLY want to see all of you at LEAST one more time. Its pretty simple actually.

By the way:
Remember those two crazy girls in Detroit that had the American Idiot posters they made? And had ALMOST the whole cast sign it? And poked Tommy in his back with a marker... ( @andscreaming).

Also Remember those two crazy girls who are part of Kelvin's personal fanclub who put together a WHOLE book of things that took 1234343 hours to make. But we had to do it because well Kelvin deserves it. To be honest if we had 13737487795454  more hours, we would have made ALL of you guys one!
There was also a letter in there to the whole cast. Talk to Kelvin if you didn't read it!

Remember those two crazy girls (plus @sunshels)  in Chicago who walked 2 miles from their hotel to Build-A-Bear to make Matt DeAngelis, Matt DeAngebear , because he was mad that Kelvin got a whole book. And we thought that he made an angry face on our playbill, but turns out it could have been Okie's signature... heh. ALSO if we were rich, we could have made everyone a bear! :)

Remember those two crazy girls in Chicago that made EVERY SINGLE ONE of you guys a hand-made mini poster? That said something like: "We <3 Dan because he has a voice of an angel", "We Rage and Love Tommy!" , "We <3 Jennifer way more than a hairless cat!" , the one that said "Even though your new we still <3 you" one (he was new to us :) ) , "We <3 Jillian because she's small but FIERCE" , "We <3 Kelvin because he talks to us!" , "We <3 Vince because he is OUR Favorite Son" , "We <3 Talia because she goes.... YEAAAAHAHHAAA YEAHHAHAAA,,," , "Never thought there would be a better representative from Jingletown #untilwemetmattdeangelis" , "Jimmy Never dies" , "We <3 Leslie becayse shes our first and favorite Heather" , "We <3 Larkin because he's a ROCKSTAR" (LONG STORY) , THE WORST ONE: psst sorry Omar "Oh Hey OMAR! ... Again." , "We <3 Craig, We <3 Melchior, We <3 Will, so of cource We <3 Jake!" , "We <3 Van even though he forgot to take a shower... AGAIN" , "Scott, we <3 you so much we even gave you the same size heart as Kelvin", "We <3 Gabe even when everyone else is picking on him" , "Nicci is an extraordinary girl", "We <3 Gabrielle because shes a Rebel, shes a saint, shes the salt of the eart and shes dangerous" , and last but not least "Okieriete be OUR rock and roll boyfriend?"

This was not to guilt you into it or anything, I just wanted to admit to you that we were those crazy girls... who did all of those things, because American Idiot (also the cast) is like a drug to us. WE NEED MORE. All together I have seen it 6 times. And it has changed my life. Emily has seen it 8 times, and Shelly (@sunshels) has seen it..... Too many to count.

Also Emily just got a tattoo! :) One that Van drew when we went to Chicago

Our friends Amanda (@lolas_ramblings) and Cara (@cgtheatregeek), also a part of Kelvin's personal fanclub, are going to see you guys in Dallas. We were wondering that when they come to stagedoor, would each of you be able to say at least one thing, on camera, or SOMETHING to convince our parents to let us go to San Fran to see you guys. It could be something funny, something serious, um pretty much ANYTHING. We believe that if you guys do this, it actually might help convince our parents to let us go.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you do it, I guess I will write a whole other blog  to thank each and every one of you after. If you are going to be busy that night or anything, we will understand and are still very grateful.

Keep up the great work and HOPEFULLY we will be able to see you guys once again. <3

Rage & Love,

 Miranda Agrusso
( @ChanManTatumLuv)
Emily Reitzel
( @andscreaming)

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