Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Stars Just Don't Play The Part

I feel like going on a rampage here. I don't think that this is right at all! There is a rumor going around on Twitter that Taylor Lautner is going to star in the American Idiot movie. This really upsets me and my fellow Idiots.

Yes some of us, including me, don't care for Lautner at all, but that is besides the point. In order to play a part in the Idiot movie, you have to have a concept about what the whole thing actually means. I doubt that Taylor even saw American Idiot. American Idiot has a true meaning that means the world to us Idiots. To have some so called "famous actor" waltz into something that is our baby does not and will not make any of us happy.

So Billie Joe, do you want people to see your movie just because Taylor Lautner is in it? Do you want all of your fans and the American Idiot fans to be upset with you and the director? Do you want your movie to LOOSE the true meaning to it? I don't think that Billie Joe wants that to happen and hopefully he won't let something like that happen.

We all want the original Broadway Cast to play in the movie, but if that doesn't happen, at least get some normal actors and not the stuck up actors that we all know will not play the part right.

For Example: We all know how much I LOVE Channing Tatum. If Channing Tatum was going to be in the movie I would still be a little upset. I don't think that Channing would play a good part in that kind of movie. AND I am even obsessed with Channing.

So see, it really makes a difference to people who plays in something that changed their lives. American Idiot changed my life and I don't want someone like Taylor Lautner in MY movie.

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  1. Hon, unfortunatly, I think it all comes down to money. Billie Joe kept coming back to Idiot because that's when it was making the most money. And therefore when HE was making the most money.
    I'd love for them to do something like the did with RENT the movie where they got a majority of the OBC to be in it, but reality bites and I don't actually think that will happen.
    Personally, I don't think that a movie is a good idea period, because the things that are needed to make a movie (character backstories, names, and dialogue) were things that were glaringly absent in the Broadway musical. To add them in to make a "good" movie would completly take away from the feel of the show.
    Either way, I'll go see it.... I just don't actually expect to like it. :/