Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sparks? I Think So!

Today, I find my self loving Nicholas Spark's books more and more each day. I actually find myself writing a lot more too. I absolutely LOVE Nicholas Spark's novel's.'

 I have read, The Notebook, The Rescue, The Guardian Dear John, The Last Song, and I am now reading True Believer. I plan on Reading all 16 books, and the new one coming out in October. I really didn't use to like reading until I read my first Nicholas Sparks novel. For some reason, I just feel so relaxed when I read his books. It is kind of funny.

I never saw myself as a person who would love to read books because I used to HATE reading. I used to skim through all of my school books because I didn't want to read them. I think that people should read more Nicholas Sparks novels because they are funny, sad, romantic, and you always love the amazing endings of the novels. I never get let down by a Nicholas Sparks novel. My favorite novel so far is The Rescue. I loved that book because I loved the connection between Taylor and Kyle. Sometimes I found myself crying while reading that novel. I truly recommend reading Sparks!

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