Thursday, July 7, 2011

What do I miss about "American Idiot"?

You know a lot goes through my mind when I get asked this question. I had a friend that asked me this the other day. Honestly I miss WAY too much. I miss EVERYTHING.

I miss the excitement you get while sitting in the St. James Theatre seat waiting until curtain call. I miss the way your heart drops when Michael Esper turns around on the couch. I miss the way John Gallagher Jr looks his first line. I miss the way Stark Sands approach looks on stage. I miss Rebecca Naomi Jones's first drop of a pretty note. I miss Theo Stockman's bus solo. I miss that amazement you get during favorite son. I miss that moment when you feel like your going to cry when Stark sings "Are We The Waiting." I miss that Thrill you get when Tony Vincent comes running on the stage. I miss the glitter St. Jimmy throws. I miss the way Johnny and Whatsername Sing "Last Of The American Girls/She's A Rebel." I miss Johnny's little Delawarean accent. :) I miss the way that Michael cries during "Give me Novacaine" I miss the way I used to get majorly jealous when Will made out with Heather. I miss the way I felt when Tunny and Extraordinary Girl flew in the sky. I miss the way they reshow everything during "Whatsername." I miss the way you got to see more with the encore "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life.) I miss stage door. I miss that theatre. I even miss the body guard John.

There are so many mixed feelings during the show and after the show. The show left you with a feeling that stays with you for the rest of your life. I honestly will NEVER forget the way I felt the first time I saw American Idiot, and the time I saw it in Idiot Nation seats. They were totally two different experiences and I am so glad that I had an opportunity to go with my best friend and see the show for the first and last time. I want to thank Michael Mayer, the cast and the man that made everything right, Billie Joe Armstrong. American Idiot was a HUGE part of my life and it will always be. The way I felt on American Idiots last performance was out of this world. I felt like a part of me was being crushed into a million pieces. The fact that it is coming to my home town for the tour, keeps me going. I will always be an Idiot <3

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  1. Idiot was such an amazing experience for people who saw it. :) I'm glad that you got to see it and that we found out Idiot family on Twitter. :)